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Brentwood 7, Otherwood 6. Ho-hum we keep the wooden football again.
Brentwood 7, Otherwood 6. September 21, 2007

Bruin Head Coaches

1982-84 Gerald Johnson (19-12)
1985 Gene Andrews (3-6)
1986-1987 Nick Coutras (5-15)
1987 Nick Waggoner (Interim)
1988-1992 Joe Barley-Maloney (9-42)
1993-1996 John Ash (16-26)
1997-2001 Jack Daniels (44-18) - 2 Regional Championships
2002-2011 Ron Crawford (94-32) - State Championship, 5 Region 6A Champioships, 2 District 11AAA Championship
2012-Pres. Mark Pemberton (       )
All-Time Season Record

1982 7-3 (Class 2A)
1983 5-5 (Class 2A)
1984 7-4 (Class 2A)
1985 3-6 (Class 3A)
1986 4-6 (Class 3A)
1987 1-9 (Class 3A)
1988 1-9 (Class 3A)
1989 1-9 (Class 3A)
1990 2-8 (Class 3A)
1991 3-7 (Class 3A)
1992 2-9 (Class 3A)
1993 8-3 (Class 4A) lost to Powell in first ever playoff game
1994 6-5 (Class 4A) lost to Powell in playoff game
1995 0-10 (Class 5A)
1996 2-8 (Class 5A)
1997 9-4 (Class 5A) won first playoff game in school history, lost to Mt. Juliet in quarterfinals
1998 12-1 (Class 5A) Region 5 Champions, lost to Hendersonville in quarterfinals
1999 5-6 (Class 5A) lost to Antioch in first round
2000 8-5 (Class 5A) lost to Riverdale in quarterfinals
2001 10-2 (Class 5A) Region 6 Champions, lost to Gallatin in second round
2002 14-1 (Class 5A) Region 6 Champions, beat Riverdale in final, STATE CHAMPIONS
2003 10-2 (Class 5A) Region 6 Champions, lost to Franklin in second round
2004 10-3 (Class 5A) Region 6 Champions, lost to Franklin in quarterfinals
2005 11-2 (Class 5A) Region 6 Co-Champions, lost to Ravenwood in quarterfinals
2006 7-4 (Class 5A) lost to Hunters Lane in 1st Round
2007 5-6 (Class 5A) lost to Hunters Lane in 1st Round
2008 11-2 (Class 5A) Region 6 Champions, lost to Franklin in quarterfinals
2009 11-3 (Class 6A) District 11AAA Champions, lost to White Station in semifinal
2010   7-4 (Class 6A) District 11AAA Champios, lost to Smyrna in first round
2011 8-5 (Class 6A) lost to Mt. Juliet in quarterfinals
2012 11-2 (Class 6A) lost to Mt. Juliet in quarterfinals                                                                                                                    Overall 201-153

Bruin Trivia
The Bruins original colors were the same as UCLA- columbia blue and yellow. Other color combinations considered were cardinal and yellow.
Brentwood HS was almost named Northside High School-to go along with Northside Junior High (Brentwood Middle School)
The first game was against Lookout Valley on 9/3/82; and resulted in a 30-6 Bruin victory. The average age of the starters was 15 years old. 1700 people packed the small stands.
Clay Whitehurst scored the first ever Bruin TD. Whitehurst (Alabama) and QB David Armstrong (Western KY), were the first-ever Bruin football players to earn a college scholarship.
In 1983, $250,000 was raised by the parents for a new stadium. Stadium lights were purchased by the Brentwood Civitan Organization, and the original pressbox was built by players and their fathers. The stadium was added onto again in 2002, and the Bruins changed sides of the field.
Coach Jim Pauley has been the longest continuing member of the Bruin coaching staff-since 1982.
You know Gene Andrews who helps cut the grass? He was a Bruin Head Coach. Nick Waggoner? He was the interim Head Coach when Nick Coutras quit during the 1987 season.
1985, Brentwood had their first district win in a season
In 1993, John Ash was named the Mid-State Coach of the Year. Four years later he would be replaced. After this historic 8 win season, he would only win 8 more games in the next three years.
Think the Bruins have always had good teams? Think again- During a 10 year stretch from 1985-1995, with the exception of two good playoff years, Brentwood's combined record was 14-72. This includes three straight years of a 1-9 record. In fact, during the Bruins first 15 seasons (1982-1996), the Bruins' record was 52-101 with two playoff appearances. 
Since 1997 to present, the Bruins' record is 137-49, with only 2 losing seasons.  This time period includes the longest playoff run (15 straight) in Bruins' history, a State Championship and 7 Regional Champioships.
James C. Parker, the first principal of Brentwood High and the stadium's namesake, has never missed a Bruin football game.

School Song:

Brentwood, On to Glory
Words by Randy Box

Standing proud we sing for Brentwood
Loyal always to the Gold and Blue
Side by side we strive for honor,
Noble Bruins brave and true,

Years from now we will remember,
How our Friendship saw us through;
Now to thee we sing, O Brentwood,
On to glory, praise to you.

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